Wednesday, July 8, 2009

(Mostly) Bobbi Brown Haul

Ok, so Tangs is having its 12% rebate promotion again so I decided to go down to take a look as I needed some stuff. I threw away my lousy eyelash curler last week and had gone mascara-less for the past 2 weeks! I HAD to do something about it. >,<>$150 to qualify for 6 make up lessons. On second thought, I might not go for all 6 as Im sure Ill be tempted to buy more MU!

I'll post my first impressions on the products here first:

BB Moisture Rich Foundation (S$63.00): I asked for something for dry skin with light to medium finish and was pointed to this fdn. They have another series for dry skin but they were anti-aging and so was not required at this point. When I got home, I cleaned my face and put this on. I have to say, it is definitely more of a medium finish then light. The MA said that fdns are not supposed to clear out your imperfections but this sort of did. I have to admit, though I like the coverage they did make me look 'made-up'. I'll be putting this on with a lighter hand tomorrow as it is extremely blendable and a little really goes a long way.

Bronzing Powder (S$60.00): I did not swatch this but instead tried it on my face and I thought it looked good. When I did swatched it at home I found it a bit yellowish but it probably matches my skin then I would like to admit (who would admit to having sallow skin? Not Me!). I put this on with the fdn and thought it gave me just the right colour. Im not sure whether its my lighting or what but it actually seems like I have blusher. I am using this as a bronzing powder only. I do not think its dark enough for contouring either.

Lip Color in Nude Beige (S$33.00): I was looking for a light nude colour and the MA actually tried a number of different colours for me, going lighter and lighter but I think the lighting at the store actually made the colour look different. Back in my room, I thought the colour looked more peachy and not as light as I had thought. Moreover, the colour is sort of matte and might be a bit dry for me. This MIGHT just be my 'regret buy' of the day.

The MA also tried on a concealer for my undereyes for me but I didn't like how it looked. I thought instead of concealing the light colour made my undereyes look worse.

Lastly, the Shu eyelash curler (S$28.00). It did catch ALL my lashes at one go but I have a problem with it not being 'strong' enough. It is does not curl my lashes as drastically as I would like and I have to clamp a few times to get the effect I want. Its not a must buy but it is definitely something I would appreciate having.

I would also like to point out how much more expensive BB stuff is compared to MAC. I wasn't thinking when I was buying but when I came back I realise the price difference is quite ridiculous. I really should be more careful next time.

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