Friday, July 17, 2009

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Review

I got samples of SFF the last time I went to MAC, I asked for it by the way, and was not given them just like that. Anyways, I was using it for work yesterday and I liked how it was able to cover blemishes (more like scars) so well! I got it in NC20 and NC30 coz the store ran out of NC 25 so I just mixed the two.

However, I have some problems with the fdn:
(1) It fades/comes off very easily. I 'set' it with Silk Naturals Perfecting Powder by I still see blotches of fdn when I blot or wipe my face
(2) It seems to break me out. Granted, this is not the first time I put it on but I realise that towards the middle of the day, I got 2 bumps on the sides of my nose! I do hope that it is not caused by the fdn so I decided to test it out by going fdn-less today and just using the Perfecting Powder and i realise that the bumps are gone! :(

Nevertheless, I still have some left so I might still give them another one or two tries to be certain.

Oh, I cant wait to move out of my temp room so that I can get mineral cosmetics to try out! They seem so much more affordable! Silk Naturals, EDM etc... Counting the days..

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