Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mini Haul - MAC

Ok, I know I wrote 'mini' on top but that's because everyone else on the beautyblogging hemisphere seems to have HUGE hauls, I have to say, this is a huge splurge for me, I am on a serious no-buy for July, really.

Anyways, I went to the Mall very early, 9.30am to be exact and none of the shops were open, except for Starbucks and CoffeeBean. No, I wasn't THAT kiasu, I went out to run an errand and figured I might as well stop by Vivo before I return to my hostel, that way, I won't have to go out twice. I do have some stuff I NEED to get =P

Anyways, I heard that ColourCraft is out at Tangs and so, armed with my Tangs card I dropped by to have a look. To eyeshadows wasn't too appealing. I thought I might like Assembluage but in real life they all looked messy (I'm sure they have been swatched before) so I did not swatch any of them. I also checked out the MSFs after hearing so much about them but I did not really like them as they are really abit too shimmery for me and I was on the market for some more bronzey colours for contouring and to use as blusher.

An MA (Zayne, I think) came up to me and helped me with my mission. He showed me how to contour with a powder blush (Harmony) and Porcelain Pink MSF from the ColourCraft collection. He was really nice. I honestly wasn't too sure of the contouring part as its my first time but I decided to give it a go and bought both products. Most of the times, products and colours grow on me so I did not want to give up too early.

Whilst helping me with the makeover, I was so caught up with the softness of the brushes that I decided to get 2 of them (he used 3 on me). So I got #116 and #226. Initially he used another blending brush on me (I think it was #224?) but it was out of stock so I got #226 instead (I had been wanting to get a blending brush for quite some time alread). It was only when I got home that I realise that #226 is an LE brush that came out with ColourCraft and before that, with the BBR collection and quite well-loved, I guess Im lucky that way. However, one blogger mentioned that it can be scratchy but that washing it with conditioner will help things. #116 is a blusher blush which some use to put on foundation. I did not intend to get that initially but I was won over by its softness when Zayne used it to apply an overall highlighter. (I do think I am vulnerable due to the lack of sleep and homesickness o_O).

Truth is I am pretty happy with my buys though they were extremely pricey for me. They were sort of an impulse buy but I have been contemplating getting such items for a while now so, no regrets and I think Harmony can be used as a blusher too while #226 can be used as a highlighter brush for small areas on top of being a blending brush. I'm off to play with my new babies!

Prices (All MAC):
Porcelain Pink MSF - S$46
Powder Blush - S$35
#116 Brush - S$59
#226 Brush - S$47

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