Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hair on my Head

My very first post will be about my hair. Why? because it is bothering me this very moment.

I had just gone for a wash+haircut at a salon which seems reputable, selling quality products like L'oreal and Keratase but I am left with dry, tangly hair and an irritated scalp. I am usually used to slightly irritated scalp but this seems a bit out of the ordinary. I would have forgone the scalp irritation if i had silky smooth hair, even if for one day only.

I used to have nice almost stick straight hair that people would ask whether I have had them chemically straightened before (which I did not) but now my hair is almost always dry and often frizzy looking. I am so disheartened that I started using 'natural' products which does not contain SLS and random chemicals hoping to improve my scalp and hair condition. They seem to work ok, Im not sure if they help solve the problems but they definitely do not make the situation worse. Although I like the idea of going natural, it can be a bit of a expensive indulgence to maintain for a student with a tight budget like me. For the past month, I have been using Johnson's Baby Shampoo as I am back at my parents' place and do not want them to ask questions on how I spend their money. My hair is very dry but never as tangly as this.

This pretty much confirmed my suspicion that I should not go back to conventional shampoos, at least for now..

I'll probably be doing reviews or at least talk about the shampoo bars I use but that will be when I get back to school/hostel. Wait for it :)

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