Monday, August 31, 2009

Lipsticks - A General Review

I recently bought a Body Shop lipstick in pastel rose as it was on sale and i liked the colour. I'm in the market for nude-ish beige or pink colours, I'm not that into strong colours yet. The colour looked nice and not dry at all when swatched but when I try it back home it sort of settled on my lip lines and did not lay on top of my lips smoothly. To cut the story short, I did not like it.

Nevertheless, it is a good colour and they have a really sweet packaging, a bit like a silver bullet, sleek and shiny. Lovely. Oh, a peculiar thing about the lipstick, it has a slight tea fragrance, not unpleasant but definitely noticeable.

Here are some pictures I got from the Body Shop US website. The first picture is the shade I got, #54 Pastel Rose.
Another lipstick I have which I don't like is the Bobbi Brown Lip Color which I mentioned a couple of posts before. It was a matte finish light nude-pink which looked pretty at the store. I think it is too matte and dry for my lips as it settles on to my lip lines. I have pretty dry lips which chap all the time so I am really careful with the lip products I use as they can really accentuate the lines.

The lipstick Im using most of the time is actually from Kate, a drugstore sub-brand of Kanebo, if Im not mistaken. The color I have, and I only have one since Im not much of a lipstick girl, is BE 27, a nude beige with slight shimmer which is barely noticable on the lips. Its a nice colour and easy to wear. It looks moisturising on the lips and does not settle on the lip lines at all. I usually apply a layer of lip balm before hand so I cant say whether the lipstick IS moisturising but it does give the picture of nice, lush lips. I'm probably going to get another one as backup when I go back to Malaysia since its likely to be cheaper there.

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